Christopher Wood PhD, CRC, CDMS – Vocational Expert

Many people in search of a Vocational Expert know that they need one, but do not know much else about the ins and outs of the process. Christopher Wood PhD, CRC, CDMS is a Vocational Expert with over 42 years of experience, who strives to assist those in need to understand the process and the benefits of it. Dr. Wood places a lot of emphasis on customer service, being easy to work with, and working side by side with you to get the best possible results.

Dr. Wood has earned several graduate degrees, including a Masters Degree 6th year certificate and PhD. After dedicating over four decades to the Vocational Expert field, Dr. Wood also has had the distinction of having served on the certification exam committee, charged with staying on top of the latest trends in the field and ensuring the exams for those entering the field reflect them. Despite his long years of service, Dr. Wood still finds his work very rewarding and sincerely enjoys the opportunity to help others find their unique paths to success in their careers and lives.

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